Ideas for Affordable Mother’s Day Fun

By Juliette Carter /

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I for one am super excited for my first official Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a great excuse to spend time bonding with your mama. If you’re on a budget, there are so many things you can do together that won’t cost a fortune. Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a movie marathon, these fun and affordable activities for Mother’s Day are a great way to spend time together.. Ellie and I have compiled this list to help keep mothers day fun and affordable. We would love to know what you end up doing for Mothers Day, so stop by and let us know!

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How to Make Air-Dried Hair Look Great

By Abby Tolbert /

Unless you’re a Kar-Jenner, we’re going to assume that you don’t have a celebrity hairstylist on speed dial. While a classic blowout is the best way to achieve a silky and smooth ‘do, wrangling a toddler while using heat styling tools is a recipe for disaster. We feel your pain. Here’s how to make your fresh-out-the-shower hair looks less, well… fresh-out-the-shower

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The Ultimate Easter Basket Gift Guide

By Holly Sosa /

Break out the pastels and cute, critter shaped candies, its Easter basket season. Marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies are classic staples that every kid’s Easter basket should hold, but further than that can be quite the undertaking. This Ultimate Easter Basket Gift Guide is full of thoughtful, spring inspired ideas that won’t be forgotten or tossed aside the morning after the delicious chocolate bunny has lost its ears (if you don’t eat it ears first, who even are you!)

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Board Book Story: Celebrating Family Near & Far

By Abby Tolbert /

We are so fortunate to have most of our family living close to us – and by close, I mean, hey-lets-meet-for-supper-tonight, close. But we do have some family that are a few hours away. While I know that’s hardly “far” for some folks, who have loved ones living in different time zones, it’s still far enough to make seeing them as often as we’d like pretty much impossible.

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