Grandma and Grandpa Live Far Away? Your Baby can Still Bond with Them.

By Rachel Castro /

Babies and toddlers love to look at faces, and research has demonstrated that the brains of infants who are just four months old can process faces almost as well as adults’ brains do. Faces captivate your child’s attention, and expressions with open eyes and smiles rank as preferred choices.

With the help of Pinhole Press, you can learn how to create a board book that will bring your family together in one place and help your child learn the faces of loved ones who aren’t able to regularly visit. Early exposure to books encourages an affinity for reading, and the Mini Book of Names and Faces targets your baby’s favorite gaze-worthy subject: faces.

Image: The Merrythought

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Creating a Lasting Memory: Panoramic Photo Books

By Kim Vargo /

In my last post, I wrote all about re-thinking the documentation process when it comes to travel photography. One of the most important (and pesky) steps of that whole process is coming home, downloading the images and narrowing that large number of files down to the best of the best. While that task can seem daunting, I find that it’s really important to do it right away, as to not fall into the never-getting-done trap!

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The Ultimate Day of St. Patrick’s Day Fun for Kids

By Rachel Castro /

St. Patrick’s Day provides us with an opportunity to break up the daily routine and share creative moments with our family. To celebrate Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland, green shamrocks and ribbons have been worn since the 1680s. To join in the festivities, we’ve gone green and pulled together a full day’s worth of shamrock inspired food and activities any child would be lucky to get – they’ll think they struck gold!

Image: Thoughtfully Simple

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DIY Travel Activity Box for Kids

By Pinhole Press /
DIY Travel Activity Box for Kids

Traveling with kids is always fun and exciting! My two kids are usually bursting at the seams to get on the road, but are “bored” or antsy after just a few minutes driving! To help curb their “boredom” on our upcoming vacation, I decided to put together activity boxes for each of my kids! These boxes are perfect for road trips, flights, or even just a few minutes of sanity at home for momma on those late spring afternoons! 

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