10 Photos You Need to Take This Summer

By Holly Sosa /

My kids go on summer break at the end of this week and after making up an entire week’s worth of snow days, they’re ready to milk all they can from the sweet summer months. With all the adventures we have during the summer, I’m often guilty of forgetting to document the fun. As a mom, it’s my sworn duty as memory keeper to ensure I preserve our memories for years to come so that when I’m a grandmother, the first thing my grandchildren will do when the visit is sit on the floor with our photo albums. It’s a lot of pressure! As someone who is passionate about memory keeping, I tend to get carried away, can you tell?

In order to simplify the process and enable myself to slow down and enjoy the summer, I created a thoughtful list of ten photos I need to take this summer. These are quintessential summer fun activities that we inevitably do and if you want to follow along, at the end of the summer, you’ll have documented all the best parts of summertime.

Playing at the beach


Enjoying an ice cream cone


Sidewalk chalk crowns


Eating a s’more


Exploring your area


Waving a sparkler


Playing at a park


Riding a bike


Eating a strawberry


At the end of summer, I use our favorites to create fun collages to display and to send to far away grandparents. This Framed Photo Collage is one of my favorites. I love the idea of doing this several summers in a row for a beautiful summer collection. For our grandma, we love ordering new Square Photo Magnets for her fridge collection.

Whatever images we capture this summer, Pinhole Press is who I trust the most to preserve them.

About the Author: Holly Sosa is a  Northern Michigan dwelling wife & hockey mom extraordinaire. Her favorite hobby is jammin’ on her planner. You can follow her adventures on HollyMarieSosa.com 

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