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3-6 years old

We tailor the activities to fit your child's age.


$7.99 - $9.99/mo.

Your subscription is only $9.99/mo. or just $7.99/mo. when paid annually.

Mailed Monthly

Your play packs will arrive with 5-8 personalized activities.

Sneak Peek

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All activities include your family photos. Each pack’s activities range and will not always include the above listed.



What our subscribers are saying...

"So fun! Can't wait for next month!"

"It's a very cute idea. Thank you!"

"It is a fantastic product."

"My child loved seeing his photo on the knight picture."

"They had a great time and played for hours!"


Do I have to upload photos every month?
No. We utilize the photos you upload from your first session to populate each monthly pack.

Can I just buy one month?
You can sign up for the monthly subscription and cancel after your first month if you do not wish to continue receiving the packs.

When will I get my first pack?
Your pack will ship within 5-7 business days of submission. You can expect the following month's pack to arrive approximately 30 days after that.

Is there a long-term commitment?
There is no long term commitment to sign up for the play pack. You can cancel at any time.

How will I be charged?
Your monthly subscription fee of $9.99 + tax/shipping will be charged to your card once per month. If you pay for the annual subscription, the monthly fee is reduced to $7.99 and is paid as a one-lump sum.

If I have two kids, do I need to purchase two packs?
Each pack is made for one child, however, if you would like your pack to be centered around the family and not tailored to one child, please let us know in the comment section of the customization page when placing your order.

Do you ship internationally?
Currently, Pinhole Press only ships to the USA and Canada.


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